Let’s build something from the ground up!

Cicero West Media is currently searching for a motivated and innovative designer/developer that would be interested in becoming a part of our team and help build an exciting company from the ground up! If interested, please send your portfolio and resume to jobs@cicerowest.com!


Cicero West Media 2.0 is on the way!

We hope you’re becoming excited as we are! All we can ask of you right now is to please excuse the mess we’re making. We’re in the midst of a lot of exciting changes that you’ll be seeing soon!


Happy 2012 from everyone at Cicero West Media! We’re hoping that your year has started on a high note. We surely had a blast ringing in the New Year with friends and family.

Over the past few months, we have been working diligently on building a fun and progressive company that prides itself on helping businesses grow in their communities and through social media platforms. And we’re just getting started.

Beginning in January of 2012, we were finally brought together in Minneapolis to start working on our passions and dreams. Brought together through a zillion ideas, we still sum up everything with one goal: Make. Stuff. Happen.

As the days progress, we’re seeing that our ideas are slowly becoming a reality for everyone to see. From our foundation of helping our clients with all their social media needs to our finely-tuned development ideas, we’re looking toward 2012 with the utmost positivity. We’re seeking great results in everything we’re dedicating ourselves to. (We also just want to have a lot of fun along the way, naturally).

We hope you’ve found all of our social media platform sites so far. Why don’t you to stop by, put your feet up and enjoy your stay. We’re working hard to ensure that all of our newsfeeds are up-to-date with current information regarding news, cool designs and other products that we’re finding on a daily basis. Finding cool stuff makes us smile, and we hope it helps you too.

We’re also in the midst of creating some exciting new products that will hopefully be coming in contact with you in the near future. We are always looking towards making your life and business better in a variety of areas. If you ask us, people are built to be incredible social beings, so we’re working hard for you and your business to find that same potential.

In the coming weeks, expect more posts, videos, and news from Cicero West Media. We’re following our own advice by making stuff happen and we can’t wait until we can show you more of what we’ve been up to lately.

Introduction Video

Happy New Year everyone!

We wanted to start out 2012 with a little introduction, and Cory took the plunge. Please check out the video to find out who West of Cicero West Media is. Cicero will come around eventually.


Getting Closer!

It looks like you’ve made your way back to our little space in the Internets! We’ve been away for awhile, but it hasn’t been without good reason. We promise.

We’ve really been looking forward to keeping everyone updated on our progress over these past few weeks. The road has been wonderful so far and we’re bursting at the seams with excitement.

So what have we been up to? More than anything, we’re getting closer and closer to making our vision a reality.

What is this reality we speak of? It’s all about:

Building something better.




Pushing boundaries.

Moving toward higher tiers of success.

Shattering limits to what’s possible.

From our initial discussion of framing our vision to manifesting it into a reality, we’ve been having a blast bouncing off ideas off each other and talking to people. We’re confident we’re on a good track toward helping people — and businesses — find that perfect niche in reaching limitless possibility.

Stick around! The ride has only just begun.


It looks like you may have stumbled upon us. We hope it wasn’t by accident! Since you found us, you may be asking yourself one question: Who are these people?  

We are Cicero West Media, a group of social entrepreneurs that are fully invested in helping take your social media, business and community to its full potential.

We’re in love with culture, art, people and the world, and we love the idea of connecting others to new ideas and places around your city.

Interested? There’s more …

We want to help you find and create new avenues in your life and business. Let’s just say: we want to put some spice back into everyday existence.

It’s not that who you are isn’t good enough — we just think that everyone’s life and business can be better through the intelligent diffusion and exchange of ideas.

To make it easy, one of our core ideals comes down to this: The diffusion of intelligent ideas opens the door to possibility.

And it’s limitless.

We acknowledge that we’re all connected 24/7 to our computers and mobile devices, and we believe that using social media with intelligence can only take you to the next level if used properly.  

That’s where we want to come in and help the world.

We believe that we would have never become who we are today without the people, ideas and places that exist around us.

We love our social media like any person, but we realize the importance of the things that surround us as well. In fact, we believe that they can shape us into something better if we allow it.

Cicero West Media simply wants to connect you and your business to people, places and community, as we know those connections will help set a better course in changing your life, business and local economy for the better.

Relying on old fashion connection and the intelligent use of social media, we’ll take you down the path to possibility. Who wouldn’t want to put a jolt into their life and business? The outcome is full of endless opportunities.

We’re on the verge of going to the next step in social media. We’re seeking to add every element that has been created within the past few years and use it to move toward connectivity at its full potential.

So in the coming days, weeks and months, we’ll be releasing more information on how we’re going to help you realize a more connected and personal world that adds quality to your life, business and community.

Make yourself comfortable. We’ll be back after the break.